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1-1/2" axle mount kit
3/16" 4130 bat wing
for single top radius rod
1/8" torsion arm tabs and
1/8" center length tab.
$65.00 Kit

1/8" X 1" to 3/8" slip hole center. Fits 1-1/2" tube. Works good on front axle as torsion bar arm mount.
$7.50 ea
Complete torsion bar tube, 22" center to center on 6" arms, 1/4" outer plates  
 $350.00 each
I have upgraded my torsion bar assembly by adding a pinch clamp adjuster. this allows approximately three inches of adjustment at the axle. The new design will still sell for the same price of $350.00
1-1/2" x .120" x 44" center to center dragster axle, Ford or Anglia ends.  Bat wings sold separately. 

Radius rod brackets 3/16” thick 4130 chrome molly. Fit 1-1/2” round tube axle, holes are 5/16” slip and 4-1/2” center to center and 2-5/16” back from axle center.

$28.00 pair


Front radius rods 60” long, 3/4” X .065” chrome molly tubing. Front tube adapters for 3/16” bat wings or 3/8”-24 threads for rod ends. Rear bung for 3/8” 24 thread rod end. Custom lengths available.

Rod ends not included.
$250.00 pair


1/8" radius rod mount and 1/2" tube for 3/8" bolts to attach radius rod to chassis
$20.00 pair



   3/16"- 4130 plate for mounting a P. & S. steering box on old stile single tube up off the right side frame rail. The tube welds to the plate centered over the small hole near the top.
1/8" 6061 aluminum steering
slides with chassis tab to fit 1-1/4" Tube.  These sandwich together with plastic ring
to slip fit 3/4"steering rods.
The top set fits back near the
engine and the bottom set
fits near the front to bring
the steering rod up to the
steering bell crank.
$32.00 set or $60.00 pair

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For Ross steering box
modification, call for details. $250.00 and up






1/4" 6061 aluminum steering outer pivot
with 3/4" pivot hole with 1/8" 4130 mounting bracket
$22.50 set
Curved chrome molly
bell crank is for full
bodied cars. It moves
the body slot back away
from the torsion bar
$28.00 each
Dragster steering bell crank, precision cut from 1/4" 4130 chrome molly plate or 1/4" 6061 aluminum plate. The hole centers are 5" X 5" X 1-1/4" with 3/8" slip holes.
4130 @ $32.00 ea.-------- 6061 aluminum $28.00 ea



Throttle bracket for right rear end of blower, your bell crank bolts to pivot hole  
$25.00 each
Non hydraulic throttle and pivot mount.  Fits on most Morse cable ends with clip retainer slot.  Available to screw onto threaded end also.  
"No cable supplied with adapter."
Throttle pedal mount, welds to lower frame rail. Made of 1/8" 4130 plate and is 3" tall from frame tube center line to top of pad. The pad is 2.5" wide and 2.25" long. Cost $30.00 ea. Pedal  Pivot
16ga. steel, 2inches wide with 1/4 inch pivot hole.
(Pedal Not Included)
$7.50 each

Aluminum Throttle Bell Cranks

All aluminum bell crank for Hilbom or
other stack injectors on a blower.

Made in America

All aluminum bell crank for Enderle or other forward facing injetor on a blower.

Made in America
All aluminum bell crank for the firewall of a front engine dragster or any similar car.

Made in America



2-1/2″ tube zoomie
header kit.
(2", 2-18" and 2-1/4" also available.)  $375.00
1/4” hot roll steel 2-1/2” header flanges Smaller tube sizes available.
Each wing is built to customers specifications  
$500.00 and up

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1-1/2″ x .058 x 9-1/2″ rad. Shoulder hoops 5 feet long (two 90 degree bends) 5′ long. $195.00
1-3/8″ x .058 x 9-1/2″ rad. Butt hoops 5 feet long ( two 90 degree bends) 5′ long.
1/8” 4130 chrome molly chute mount, 3-3/4” wide with 3/16” mount holes 3” wide. The center hole fits 3/4” tube for mounting
 extension from chassis.
1/4″ 6061 Aluminum fire wall blank drilled for early Hemi 331, 354 and 392

Rear end mounts for 3” housings, 1/4” chrome molly plate, left side
bracket has larger cutout to fit left housing.
The bolt holes are 3/8" to be reamed to 7/16" after all welding is done.
$55.00 Pr.
A safe engine shut down device that will kill a "Runaway+ engine.
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"The “Safety Slider”
 A direct drive Greek Coupler disconnect device
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3/16" 4130 rear end chassis mounts with 3/8" holes to match rear end housing mounts. Ream holes to 7/16" after welding.
$50.00 Pr.
1/4" 6061 aluminum plate valley cover for Chrysler 331-354- 392 Hemi
$55.00 ea
Custom Dragster Bodies
and aluminum metal shaping.

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"U weld oil pan kit" for 54 to 58, Chrysler 331-354-392 hemi. All the parts to extend your stock oil pan with a new side band a new bottom with ribs to stiffen it, a windage tray and baffel with trap door. The pan will hold nine quarts with the engine on 4 degres down tilt. $375.00 Custom Fuel tanks built to order
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1/4" aluminum top pinion mount plate. Fits 8-3/4" Mopar third member, welds to 1/4" pinion plate from frame.

$22.50 ea.

1/4" front pinion plate from frame. Made extra long to trim to fit. Call with center line measurements.

$32.50 ea. 


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New Product
1/4 turn dimple tool, spring
drill tool, Double drill tool. Three
in one tool.
Tools shown are prototypes , projected sale price is




Reinforcing kit for adding Shockwave suspension to older Mustang II front hats. $225.00

Dash drop downs built to order.

Pricing around 


Chevy Pickup rockers. 1955 to 1959, weld in to step plate.

$50 .00 pair


1953 and 54 Chevy. One inch frenched weld on taillight assembly. All built to order
Custom old school louvers
Standard louvers 3" wide and
1" cut to cut -$1.50 ea.
Canted louvers cut to follow an angled surface. -$2.50 ea.
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Radius rod splitter
bungs, 11/16inch by
18 or 3/4 inch by
16 thread

The retail price for this USA hand made Safety Slider 3 as shown is $1268.00. fob Dallas. Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.