The “Safety Slider”

          A direct drive Greek Coupler disconnect device


   This package has drawings, descriptions and parts list to enable Don Ross Fabricating to custom build a Safety Slider for just about any old front engine race car using a direct drive and Greek coupler.

  The Safety Slider will enable the driver to disengage the coupler after arriving at a parking position after a push start. The Sprint car shifter used to slide the coupler locks in the engaged position to allow for powered movement of the car.




Safety Slider Disconnect Parts List

  1. Bearing cover/ tube adapter 6.25’’ X 1.25” $210.00  
  2. 4.5” shaft cover tube W/ lever pivot and 1/4” X 6.25” flange $150.00  
  3. Kick out fork $50.00  
  4. Pivot bracket $7.50  
  5. Kick out collar (custom fit to customers coupler) $150.00  
  6. Rear slip cover collar to third member (custom fit to each car) $100.00  
  7. Morse cable bracket $20.00 & up  
  8. Sprint car shifter and cable $175.00  
  9. New hand made lever similar to M/C lever $100.00  
  10. Modify bottom end of Morse cable to shorten the end $25.00  
  11. Shifter mount pins 1/2” round, drilled and tap 1/4-20 $20.00  

Masters & Richter AA/FD (Roger Lee)

Slider lever on top to be controlled
with push pull rod.


Slider lever in engaged position This unit is for
around 25” engine placement.

Detail shot of bronze collar  machined to fit customers mail  coupler.


Cortines – Gibson AA/FD, engine around 32” out.

Optional sprint car shifter  in mounting position .
Hand made ball top M/C lever added to 
cnc machined  shifter

Scorpion V, cutaway view of “Safety Slider”