" The Scorpion V owned and operated by Bill and Blake Crosby, Restored by Don Ross"

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 1. The Safety Slider 3 installed on a 7-1/2" clutch can and a coupler slid into the rear
    end coupler will lock in with a shaft lock collar. 

 2. A shaft cover can be made with my pinion bracket and some 4.5" irrigation tubing. The shifter
     rod is 1/4" steel and just slides through a hole in the steering shaft support.

 3. The shifter lever is firmly neld in place with two spring ball set screws holding the slider in or out
     as needed.

 4. The tail shaft can be made or trimmed to a shorter length down to 27-1/2 set out. Also available
     is safety slider 3A for cars with engine set out down to 25-1/2.

The retail price for this USA hand made Safety Slider 3 as shown is $1268.00. fob Dallas. Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.
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