The U.S. Kid Dragster

               I recently started on the recreation of The U.S. Kids dragster.  This car was raced by
           Skipper Harden (Driver), Tony Fite (Tuner), Tom Helms (Partner and Tear Down) and myself
           Don Ross (Chassis and Welding) We raced the car from 1965 till 1968 then I parted and raced with
           Tony Casares for half a season.  The car was sold and raced as a JR. Fuel car by Jerry Robinson.
           It has been lost to or scrapped, so I will be recreating it as a cackle car.

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Formed steel strap to figure out the bend lay out for the nose piece.

The frame is stripped down for the full weld up of all joints.

 The block and fire wall set back in to realign the coupler and fab the front block mounts . Then I marked the fire wall holes and drilled them.

 I dug out some left over aluminum panels and pre fit them to the chassis . I will cut and bent the cowl with extra long sides before I decide where to trim and roll the lap seams.