Retro Fit JR Fuel

I have a customer that purchased a current JR. Fuel car from Don Scot here i the
Dallas area.  He hired me to retro fit it with an wider axle ,torsion bar and shorten the
wheel base so it would fit his trailer.  Also he wanted an old stile body with a snake head
nose.  The next thing I did was re fit it for a  426 aluminum block and change the roll bar
from the modern large roll cage to a rounded cage. I will post several photos to go through the
changes that have taken place the last month and a half.

"Click On Images For A Larger View"

The last shot above shows the new engine plate. I also had to modify the left engine upright to clear
the 426 oil pump. He wanted a new roll cage so I bent up two new hoops on an 8.5" radius and trimmed them to fit the old rear uprights. The nose piece was started by bending and fitting the lower front panels. A bubble had to be welded to the left engine side panel to clear the oil pump. I made a new steering bell crank and tie rods for the wider axle.
Then it was time ti make the 1/4" plastic steering slides. On the left engine side panel I formed and welded on a bubble for the 426 oil pump. I formed the top body panels in my pyramid bender I built a few wears back and formed a flair at the front of the engine cut out and welded a reinforcing lip on to that.
The snake head on the nose was next, it is made of several pieces of formed .040" aluminum sheet. the
photos follow along as the nose came together.